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Mission Statement: We exist to provide the best suspension service in Florida. With customer bases that expand through South, Central & North Florida; we truly go out of the way to give our customers the one on one experience they deserve. Our dedication truly marks us as the up and coming suspension servicing company that few in the area can match! We stand by our core beliefs and have the solid foundation and experience that gives you the edge. Our goal is to give you the confidence in a setup that is custom built and tuned for your riding style, ability and terrain. 


Key points to a better understanding of what we represent: 


We believe that suspension servicing and setup are a true craft that need vital communication and application.


Knowledge, dedication, educational training and thinking outside the box are key effective ways to truly setup an MX bike for a certain person, condition and riding terrain.


Listening is a key element that is taken seriously from our point of view. This translate to a bike that fits a rider skill, style, and above all performs like it should. (remember all bikes are different and require different setup needs, plus riders are not all created equal)


Remember testing is on going and provides much vital information. This provides you the optimal setup that gives you confidence and results you’re looking for.


Courses of study include: A total combination of 15 years in R&D medical device and aerospace technical fields. Both applications provided the strong foundation and work ethic as well as developmental skills which include; testing, trial and error and realistic goals which provided substantial information to future improve on new and existing products.


Western NY Motocross Association Racing Achievements: 


1991 Summer Series7th overall 250cc


1991 Fall Series 2nd overall 250cc


1991 Advancement 250cc Award to Novice


1993 Advancement 250cc Award to AM


1997 NY Challenge Series 3rd overall 500cc 


1997 Summer Series 6th overall 500cc


1997 Fall Series 8th overall 500cc


1998 Year end Award 4th overall 500cc


1998 Fall Harescramble 1st overall 125cc 


1999 Summer Series 5th overall 500cc


1999 Fall Series 4th overall 500cc


2000 Summer Series +25B 2nd overall


Pepsi Air Dania MX Florida:


2002 Fall Series 3rd overall 125cc


Hope you get the ride you deserve! 





AST Suspension & Staff






AST SUSPENSION & MOTORS Providing the one on one experience!

Customer satisfaction- Providing the best attention to your setup and servicing needs.


Rider support- Giving the support you need to progress as a better rider from setup to tuning and availability.


Follow up correspondence, which is vital to any industry; Making sure you are totally satisfied with the service and work performed.



Certified in WP, KYB, SHOWA & OTHERS

1996 Eric Gorr Performance Handbook covering; suspension servicing, setup, and tuning as well as application.


1999 Race Tech training with servicing, maintenance and setup applications.


2004 Eric Gorr New edition Performance Handbook covering; suspension servicing, setup and tuning as well as application on four-stroke.


2008 Moto Pro Suspension Certificate of training; including setup on the following; Kayaba, SHOWA & WP. Servicing, maintenance, and installation of the highest flowing valving kit systems on all current models up to and including 2008 and beyond.


2011 Eric Gorr & Kevin Cameron Four-stroke Motocross & Off-road Performance Handbook covering; suspension servicing, setup, tuning, as well as fuel injection applications & valve train adustments etc.


Other sources: 


Numerous articles from proven magazines and networking with people within the industry. (depending on where the source originates, we gather all information and make an educated decision based on the rider needs and realistic goals that provide the best suspension setup possible)


Remember not all suspension articles are accurate, so be careful and take it with a grain of salt. Be cautious when trying something that seems a bit off or odd.


Reliable track testing and customer feedback is our #1 source of bike setup along with one on one communication. This step is very important and truly challenges our ability to give what customers want.(view our feedback which shows the dedication to customer satisfaction and availability)   




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